2017 Local Real Estate Market Stats

2017 vs 2016 YTD :: 3-month Snapshot

As we come out of the sleepy winter market season, this 3-month Local Real Estate Market Stats snapshot report shows continued stability in activity and sales in most local markets, with level to moderate increases, or even significant increases in some areas. This is probably due to several circumstances; the end of a contentious election cycle and moving into a “stable” political climate for the next 3-4 years; home prices beginning to show appreciation again as we climb out of past recessive market conditions; and mortgage interest rates beginning to climb inciting buyers to take action now while rates, though rising, are still very attractive. As we enter the primary sales season for our local markets of mid spring through mid to late fall it is anticipated that the market will continue to show growth and improvement from previous years.

The Taos County Association of Realtors (TCAR) serves all of Taos County and western Colfax County, including our primary markets of Taos, Angel Fire, Taos Ski Valley, and Red River. For any questions regarding local real estate market stats, contact the TCAR office at 1210 Salazar Rd, Suite H, Taos, NM 87571 – (575) 758-7411.

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