Wildfire Relief Fund

2022 has been an extremely destructive year in New Mexico with the massive wildfires burning and spreading around the state. Donate to the TCAR sponsored Wildfire Relief Fund to assist those fighting the fires and those who have suffered damages and losses from the fires.

As a community we are all aware of the emotional impact housing has on each and every one of us. We are organizing a fundraising effort for our 238 members to contribute to help the evacuees from the Hermit’s Peak & Calf Canyon fires.

The current wildfires have affected an estimated 600 Homes/Families and with fires not fully contained this number is expected to continue to grow. Taos County Association of REALTORS®, serves 5 counties in northern New Mexico. About a third of our membership is based out of Colfax County and the Angel Fire area, who are standing in READY status for possible evacuation.

In an effort to support those affected, TCAR will contribute to Taos Community Foundation. The TCAR donation to Taos Community Foundation will be used exclusively for Direct Response to Fire Evacuee Support. TCF will distribute funds to vetted Non-Profit organizations like St. James Episcopal Church that are working directly with Evacuees.

Here are two ways to join TCAR in supporting those affected by the wildfires:

Cash Donation

At the June 2nd TCAR Board meeting, the Board approved a matching funds program, where REALTORS® who donate will have their contriburtions matched tby TCAR, currently up to a $10,000 cap. We ask each of our members to contribute $100 to aid in the relief efforts for the evacuees at the local shelters. We have a good start from our Membership Luncheon on May 19th.

Thank you to those at the Luncheon for supporting us to contribute almost 2k! We have already delivered $3,800 to the Taos Community Foundation for St James Episcopal Church relief efforts. With that goal in mind, it would be an awesome combined donation from our local association of


Please make your contribution one of two ways:

VENMO, on your mobile device, look for user name @Cherry-Montano-1

OR: Drop a check by the TCAR Board office.

Speaking with the leadership of some Non-Profits working on the ground with those affected by the fires, this fire will have a long-term effect. Offering a Cash Donation will support some of those long term effects like home insurance gaps on deductibles and uninsured homeowners.

Got Time?? Volunteer Time!!

Watch for opportunities as needs arise.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to MATCHING your contribution soon.

Mary Emery
2022 President

Additional Wildfire Resources and Information

Here are some additional resources for wildfire information and assistance in New Mexico: