How Do I Find A Parcel ID?

Do you sometimes struggle trying to find the Property or Parcel ID for a property?  Were you aware that this information is available to you in Paragon through the map search feature for most properties within our MLS territory?  Check out this video to learn more:


Hi… this is Tina, for the Taos County Association of REALTORS®, or TCAR, with a “How Do I Do This?” video.

A member recently asked… How do I find the parcel ID for a property I am listing, or for an adjoining property, or really… just for any property?

There are several methods, we will go over in this video, that you can use to find the parcel ID, for virtually any property… methods such as these…

> Looking at a property owner tax bill; or
> Visiting or calling the County Assessor’s Office; or
> Using the links on the TCAR website to the Taos County or Colfax County Assessors websites; or
> Looking up the information on the County Treasurer’s website; or
> Searching for the information in Paragon using the Tax tab; or
> Using a map search in Paragon.

First, let’s look at a property owner tax bill. As you can see, the parcel ID or property code, is shown, as well as the owner number for the property. So if your property owner has a tax bill, or property valuation statement, you will have quick easy access to this information.

If your owner doesn’t have this information, you can always visit or call the appropriate County Assessor’s office and inquire there.

But an easier method, is to go to the TCAR website, and use the quick links there, that go directly to either the Taos, or Colfax County Assessor’s websites, and search the property records there. You will also generally be able to pull up current tax bill information on the appropriate County Treasurer’s webpage.

You can use the Tax tab right inside Paragon, to search for property information, using the owner name, or other known property information.

And finally, as a member of TCAR, you have access to extensive mapping data, right inside of Paragon. Here you can find Parcel Lines and Parcel IDs, City, Town, or Village boundary outlines, Postal Codes, and County boundary outlines.

Check out the examples in the video above.

I encourage you to explore the Paragon mapping search features in detail, as well as exploring the TCAR website, for more useful applications, that you can use in your business.